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Derence Systems Inc. specializes in electronic & smart home automation, network consulting, design, installation, maintenance, support, and training.

We are also resellers Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, Cisco, APC, 3COM, USRobotics, to name a few. Our product line of software and hardware is the size of a phone book. For products, whatever your need is, we've probably got you covered.

Founded in 1989, Derence systems Inc. grew out of the need by fortune 500 companies to have a qualified and a reliable VAR / network integrator to consult with and provide solutions for their networking needs. In fact, Coopers & Lybrand, (Now called Price Waterhouse Coopers) practically twisted our arm to go into business to resolve networking and computer problems for some of their customers.

As authorized resellers for many products, we are able to offer our customers the right solutions to fit their needs. Building a network with reliable backups and fault tolerance is not only smart, it is a necessity in today's global networking environment. Derence Systems Inc. has been the one behind the scenes keeping networks and businesses running smoothly.

In 2000 we have expanded our business to include the residential home or properties of corporate customers. They had a need to have their corporate networks accessible in home and vacation homes.

The home automation business was the by product of these residential networks needs. And the need for remote control, of the home and vacation home, for traveling executive.  

 The need to reduce energy and insurance costs increased our business to include new customers that were not our current corporate customers.


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